Orion is a catalyst for socio-economic development

Orion Minerals considers its relationships with local communities to be equally as important as the technical and commercial needs of the organisation. To this end, Orion Minerals’ Directors and management constantly canvas the views of the local communities in which they operate, with open public meetings held to inform the community of the Company’s progress and intended work plans. Community consultation is vital to the success of our business. We aim to develop and maintain positive relations with all stakeholders in every aspect of our business operations. We are delighted to have received such an enthusiastic local response to our operations and will continue to seek community involvement as our projects progress.

Orion recognises that close community relationships are vital to the success of our business.

Orion established Stakeholder Engagement Forums (SEF) in both the Siyathemba and Nama Khoi municipalities to ensure that the communities surrounding the Prieska and Okiep projects stay informed and involved in both projects’ development. Each SEF has a membership base comprising local community interest groups, local government departments, Company employees, shareholders and management. The objective is to prepare the local communities through training and development to fulfil as many of the future roles required at both the Prieska and Okiep mining operations as possible. In addition, the Company recognises the importance of making a positive contribution to local communities, providing support for a wide variety of community initiatives with a core focus on health, education and small business development programs.

Recent community programs have included:

  • Financial support for the COVID-19 vaccination rollout, including the donation of a specialised fridge for the Bill Pickard Hospital pharmacy in Siyathemba, allowing it to be accredited as a COVID-19 vaccination centre.
  • A partnership with Bicycles for Humanity Western Australia (B4H), which donated 420 pre-loved bicycles to Orion’s host communities in Siyathemba and Vanwyksvlei.
  • HIV/AIDS awareness and education campaign in collaboration with Niekerkshoop Clinic to mark World Aids Day.
  • Resources to assist with the reopening of a water borehole at Nababeep, making this additional water resource available to the Nama Khoi Municipality for community use to assist with local water supply challenges.
  • Orion held a two-day Bosberaad with host community representatives and business forums in 2021 where the Company committed to set framework targets for host community participation of 50% of employment, 30% in procurement of goods and services and 40% in subcontracting opportunities at the Prieska Copper Zinc Mine and to establish a task team to investigate and set achievable interim targets.
  • Community Liaison Office opened in Springbok
  • Online career and supplier portals have been established to register job seekers, including community members, and register and vet local suppliers for possible supplier development.
  • Regular community newsletters (“MYNuusblad”) and news briefs keep the community updated
  • Reopening of water borehole in Nababeep for community use

Community Training and development

  • Orion provided a free-of-charge Introductory Mining Course to 360 residents in towns near PCZM to earn the participants mining-related credits and to assess the skills available in the area.
  • Occupational and operator assessments were carried out with 110 community members in PZCM to determine suitability for future artisan and operator roles and help identify candidates for further development and possible employment.
  • Members of the host community who have previously participated in Orion’s Introduction to Mining Course and occupational assessments were selected for Competency B training at the Murray and Roberts Training Centre in Carletonville with some of the participants selected for employment by the mine or contractor.
  • Together with Orion, Murray & Roberts has also offered a 6-month learnership opportunity in entry-level mining to community members.

Community update

Establishment of a community participation framework

Prieska Copper Zinc Mine has committed to set targets for host community participation in employment, procurement and in subcontracting opportunities.

Community Briefs

Social and Labour Plans

The objectives of Orion’s Social and Labour Plans (SLP) are to:

  • Promote economic growth and mineral resources development in the Republic of South Africa;
  • Promote employment and advance the social and economic welfare of all South Africans;
  • Ensure that as a holder of mining rights, Orion contributes towards the socioeconomic development of the areas in which we are operating, as well as the areas from which the majority of the workforce is sourced; and
  • Utilise and expand the existing skills base for the empowerment of historically disadvantaged South Africans and to serve the community.

Orion’s SLP documents, set out the commitments Orion makes to its employees and impacted communities and how and when these objectives will be achieved. Note that the SLPs are subject to amendment and development from time to time with Ministerial consent.

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