Sustainability is at the core of our business.

Orion is creating a new Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) paradigm for junior exploration and mining companies by insisting that ESG is a moral imperative that should be built into the fabric of every business from the outset. Orion is a positive catalyst in its host communities – proving that, even as a junior exploration company with a limited budget, it can work for real change and deliver significant community benefit. Underpinning this approach is Orion’s commitment to weaving ESG into every aspect of its business model, implementing ESG initiatives and embracing stakeholder engagement well before it produces its first metal. By implementing world-class ESG and community engagement initiatives at the exploration-feasibility stage, Orion is leading by example, insisting that even small companies can inspire positive change. Orion has been recognised for its leadership in ESG, winning the Emerging ESG Leader Award at the 2020 AAMEG Africa Awards (read more here) the Junior ESG Award for Enhanced Labour Standards at the 2022 Investing in African Mining Indaba and the AAMEG’s Emerging ESG Leader Award at the Africa Down Under conference.