Supplier Registration

Do you have a potential business, service or supply of goods that may be beneficial to our projects in South Africa? Register your interest via our registration on Supply Chain Network (SCNet).

Please register your entity details as a ‘supplier’ on the portal. There is a seven-step registration process; you are encouraged to complete the registration, and upload the requested company documentation, as completely as possible.

There is no charge to register for basic supplier membership on the SCNet portal. (There is a premium membership option available that a supplier might consider in order to access additional functionality and broader business opportunities, however at this stage Orion does not require you to become a premium member).

Please specify “Orion” in the “Where did you hear about us?” section. This will allow us to be able to more easily find your details in our searches.

Please be advised that registration does not provide any guarantee of future business with Orion.

You will appreciate that Orion is still in the initial phases of exploration and project development and while opportunities may be limited at this early stage, Orion anticipates that further and more frequent opportunities may arise as the projects expand.

Orion will, where possible, utilise the portal to identify potential suppliers of goods and services that may be required in future.

Please note that this invitation does not constitute a formal or binding offer and is not intended to create any legal obligations between Orion and any other party.

Should you have any queries, or require assistance with the registration process, please email: