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WA - Fraser Range

Fraser Range Project, WA

Fraser Range Nickel-Copper & Gold Project

On 10 March 2017, the Company secured the involvement of Independence Group NL (ASX: IGO), the owner of the Nova Bollinger MIne, in the ongoing expolration and evaluation of its highly prospective tenement package in hte Fraser Range.  A Joing Venture Agreement (JVA) was entered into with the leading mid-tier miner where terms of the JVA included Orion is free carried to the completion of a pre-feasibility study by IGO over the Fraser Range ground. 

The Fraser Range Project consists of a substantial tenement holding in the Albany-Fraser Belt, which hosts Australia's two most significant discoveries of the last decade, the Tropicana Gold Deposit and the Nove Nickel-Copper Cobalt Deposit.

Full details of the JVA can be found in our ASX release of 10 March 2017.

 For the latest updates on exploration within the Fraser Range Project, please refer to our ASX Announcements