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Corporate Governance

The Company's corporate governance practices, including its report against the ASX Corporate Governance Council for Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations, are detailed in the Company's Corporate Governance Statement.

Matters not addressed in that section or specifically requiring disclosure on the Company's website in accordance with the ASX Principles of Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice Recommendations are set out below.


Corporate Governance Statement

Corporate Governance Statement - approved 27 October 2017...Download File


Orion Minerals NL Constitution...Download File


Audit Committee Charter...Download File
Board Charter...Download File
Nomination Committee Charter...Download File
Remuneration Committee Charter...Download File
Technical Committee Charter...Download File

Codes and Policies

Code of Conduct...Download File
Continuous Disclosure Policy...Download File
Securities Trading Policy...Download File
Risk Management and Internal Control Policy...Download File
Shareholder Communication Policy...Download File